The Culture Corporation is a business to business enterprise who supports companies’ ventures.

Caused to the prominence of capitalism within society, the demand on responsibility towards corporations increased. This fact isn’t any secret. But how to manage these expectations towards your business in order not to lose valuable customers? We can guide you along the secret path towards a representational appearance of your business.

Contact us for any needs towards a responsible acting business’ appearance.

Did your business even got into serious troubles? Did the reputation of your business go down due to unpopular decisions your company had to take?

Like dismissing lots of personnel? Or not to employ 26 year old women because they would become pregnant within the next two years after being accepted, anyway? Was your business accused to be ‘market orientated’ instead of ‘people orientated’, just because it’s production department moved to China?

Or were there some stock exchange miscalculations? Corrupt board members? Tax issues? Does your business  exploit nature – and the press is going to write about it?

Don’t worry, the Culture Corporation is the right one to address. We can turn the external and internal appearance of your corporate identity into a true haven of responsibility, political correctness and philanthropy.


c Lisa Bensel