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Find here our standard Cultural appearance products and feel free to contact us for any personalized offer.

Feel free to contact us immediately in any case of emergency.

Basic Cultural appearance Procuct

In order to make a simple statement of your business’ cultural appearance towards society, we advise to sponsor (any kind of) cultural event, as a festival, an exhibition or a classical concert.
Depending on the amount you are willing to spent on sponsorship, the amount of customers reached can increase. Also, in return for sponsorship, the event has to reward you with non financial gadgets as free cards for your whole business, custom made tours and artist talks for your managing board, diners and so on. We can assist in finding a suitable event for your business and to draw the sponsoring contract assuring you get enough or even more ‘out’ of the money you’ve invested.

Advanced Cultural appearance Product

In case your business already got into trouble caused to an anti-cultural policy that got discovered or because you plan to undertake a couple of actions unprefered by the changed society, cultural activists or the press- we advise the Advanced Cultural appearance Package. In this case the merge of cultural and social activities is necessary. We can draw a programm for collaborations with kindergardens, citizen action groups, and cultural  events. Also the support of museums is possible, but we advise to stick to short term events with a bigger respond (as festivals).

Emergency Cultural appearance Product

Whenever your business got into serious and spontainious troubles without a long term cultural plan arranged before (like an oil platform explosion due to contruction issues or the use of weak material, a documentation about ‘inhuman’ working circumstances for your stuff, especially abroad, really corrupt moard members, simply tax fraud, especially abroad, or some thing with your nuclear power plant…) We can assist you immediately with an individual Emergency Cultural appearance Product. (For example: Photoshoot with seal babys, dinner with vegetables grown on your land… )

Hero Cultural appearance Product

Everything mentioned with the ‘Advanced Cultural appearance Package’ plus Press articles and documentations on local televison of you or your board members paying visits to incurable sick children in hospitals and planting trees with foreigners without residence permit, we contact you with a curator (exhibition maker) to fill your company building with a collection of established and young artists, we organize and supervize the handing out of a prize for young cultural producers, musicians, dancers, writers and artists by your company and we install filters in your ventilations sytem (including press articles about it) so you can persist that you try to change your companies building energy neutral. Additional actions are possible.

Feel free to contact us personal for personalized Cultural Appearance Products.

Feel free to contact us immediately in any case of Emergency.




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