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Examples in Practice

We want to introduce you to some prominent yet relevant examples of the way, Corporations are busy to improve their social appearance.


The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has a very clear point of view concerning his corporations’ statement and philosophy, which is based on long term thus sustainable planning and development. This he is expressing since 1998 in a letter sent on regulary basis  once a year to all his shareholders.

To enunciate and eternalize his statement, he currently works together with artists, technicians and composers, to built a mechanical clock inside an adit of the texanian Sierra-Diabolo-mountains.

This ‘Clock of the long now’ will be built to demontrate the precise time for a duration of at least 10.000 years from now and shell play just one note a day of a piece written by the composer Brian Eno, to be finished in preciesely 10.000 years.

Bulding this clock will cost Bezos aproximately 42 Millions Dollars, but this money is worth every cent as he gains a monument which expresses his and his company’s cultural appearance, sustainability and love for musik as a ‘good human being’ (as Plato already stated).

Very likely, also his personnel can appreciate and value this demonstration and identify themselves even more with the business trough it.


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